s ruston

Think jacking, pumping, voguey, ravey, some fast, some slow, wherever her mood goes.

S Ruston cut her teeth on the local Bristol scene over 15 years ago before starting to put on secret warehouse parties in London and playing at seminal Bass music events 'Subloaded' and 'Dubloaded' as well as consistently representing at major UK festivals Glastonbury, Glade, Shambala, Ashton Court and Bloc. Not limiting herself to DJing, S Ruston also founded her own label (140bpm, UK) and released music on Houndstooth, Fabric's label.

She got chosen to represent 'UK Urban' as an official SXSW artist in 2010 with her band before moving to Berlin where she divides her time between the decks and the studio. Her recent Berlin adventures include video collaborations with artists Linards Kulless and Ursula Hutchinson and is a member of the Narcosexuals art collective.