danilo colonna - lvm


Italian Berlin based multi-disciplinary artist. LVM's works are sensory based and combine audio, visual and kinetic triggers that create an intersection of effects; These are proposed as independent vectors that collide in the pre-analytical perception of the viewer. At the age of six he began his dance studies. At four-teen he enrolled at the Institute of Art in Lecce, Italy. Between the age of fifteen and eighteen, he graduated at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and the Balletto di Toscana in Florence. He also received different scholarships and grants at the Biennale di Venezia with Carolin Carlson and the Teatro Comunale in Florence. As a professional dancer, he worked for various theatres in Italy, Teatro Comunale di Firenze “Maggio Fiorentino”, Teatro di Bolzano and Arena di Verona. In 2001 he got signed by the dance company Introdans in Holland. He danced internationally in works of William Forsythe, Jirì Kylian, Matz Ek, Karole Armitage, Paul Lightfoot & Sol Leon, Nacho Duato, Hans Van Mannen, David Parsons, Nils Cristie and more. Danilo has collaborated with and was commissioned by, amongst others, Basel Theater, together with Jacob Kok for the fashion shows "FashionClash" in Maastricht (choreography and light design), Rein Vollenga for HV8W and XavierLaboulbenne gallery in Berlin (live soundscape set and choreographic settings), Ekkehard Helers, ENKA, Michele Rizzo for M+LVM, Karl Klomp, Apotropia, Tom Tjon A. Loi, Diederik Schoorl, Federica Dauri, Jos Kwakkel, Rafael Lucjan Kozdron, Alwin- Valentin Poiana, Alexandra Karpilovski in the project ALX+LVM, Gertjan Franciscus and Mustafa Sabbagh.

Before establishing LVM, Colonna worked extensively as an international dancer, choreographer and music composer/producer. He was the artistic assistant and co- choreographer of Nanine Linning and was commissioned, amongst others, by Theater Osnabrück, Theater Heidelberg, William Forsythe for the installation “Human Writes" together with Sasha Waltz and Guests at Radial System V (Berlin), Emanuele Soavi (movingtheatredotde / INcompany), Conny Janssen Danst, Winston Arnon (original music score Konzert Theater Bern) and Iris Van Herpen. His works have been presented in various theatres and venues such as Biennale of Venice, Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam, Frascati - Amsterdam. He played as well in festival and his music introduced in club scene and other music venues such as Trouw - Paradiso - Radion in Amsterdam Berghain Kantine - Arena Club - OHM in Berlin . He scored for performances, theatre productions and movies.

His works mostly collaboratives are the representation of his urge to merge medias and learning the process of translating body movement into dance and choreographic works, coding and decoding of a ancient language, ritual and discipline.