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The sonic career of Jamie Roberts a.k.a. Blawan has been powered by a masterful knowledge of contrasts in mood and tone color, along with an ability to zero in on the most impactful moments of a mix and magnify them to larger-than-life proportions. These tendencies have placed him squarely within the nerve center of everything to do with techno culture: he has been one of the more notable artists to re-discover modular synthesis as a means for mining avant-garde rhythmic sounds, joining forces with Arthur Cayzer (a.k.a. Pariah) for the notoriously rough-edged, red-lining Karenn duo, also scoring collaborations with Surgeon and letting his excess energies spill over into equally intriguing aliases like Kilner and Bored Young Adults. His releasing history includes output on Hessle Audio, R&S, Hinge Finger, Black Sun, and Clone’s Basement Series, along with releases on Avian and Trilogy Tapes under his other aliases. Meanwhile, his personal Ternesc imprint is on the rise as well. All this confirms his versatility and workaholic concentration upon diversifying his means of personal expression, refusing to simply repeat tried-and-true formulae.